Hi, my name is Willem Redelijkheid (William Reasonableness in English, or Guillaume Raisonnable in French).

In my professional life, I’m a Technical Consultant with the largest telecommunication provider in the Netherlands, and working on corporate network security. My main focus is strong authentication within that area. The (other) topics I cover are;

  • Public Key Infrastructures (PKI). Both Microsoft and VeriSign
  • 802.1x (Access Control in general)
  • Infoblox/Trinsic DNS/DHCP and NTP Services
  • Cisco Identity Service Engine
  • Juniper Firewalls (SRX)
  • Juniper SA (SSL-VPN) / UAC (Unified Access Control)
  • Juniper Security Threat Responds Management (STRM)

All together, it’s challenging, and never boring.


Apart from the strong authentication, I’m also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2003). This is quite handy when dealing with (strong) authentication schemes in corporate environments. And I'm also Juniper Certified for Access Control, SSLVPN, Security (Juniper SRX Firewalls).

On the personal side; I’m a sucker for Apple equipment, gadgets, movies, whiskeys (Numerous malts in the liquor cabinet at this moment). Besides the addictions, I’ve started a couple of years to master Adobe Coldfusion (since version 4.5 till version MX 7). My older websites were completely build from scratch in Coldfusion (with MySQL as a database), and not so long ago I started programming in JAVA (My first achievement was ‘Hello World‘).

The former website (blog) was running on PHP (it was nothing more than a Wordpress installment with a fancy pre-fab theme). This is mainly because I couldn’t be bothered writing sophisticated code for a personal website from scratch. Especially when things as WordPress are available for free. The downside is that WordPress needs PHP to run, so I needed to add PHP support on my webserver. On the other hand, I keep picking up more, and more about the PHP language. With my Coldfusion background it’s not that hard to comprehend (I do like Coldfusion better, since the markup language is easier to read).

In the beginning of 2009, I transferred my Wordpress website to an external hoster called Dreamhost. Unlimited everything for <€100 euros a year. And in the mean time, I've moved again (to Squarespace.com). It seems that the <€100 price tag doesn't cover DDoS protection......

It took about 3 months for the DDoS to finish, but redelijkheid.com, and its services are available again (like the certificate import tool)

Apart from messing around with PHP, Coldfusion etc. I also like to make photo's >:)  (with a camera that is).

The results (if any) can be seen on my SmugMug website. As you might notice I’m very into B&W photography. Somehow I find it much more compelling.

If you need to contact me (for whatever reason), you can reach me through the contact form on the website. Headhunters may contact me for my resume, but the offers should be really compelling….

…More useless info when the time is right…

In the mean time: The photos, text and all other material on this site are copyrighted. This prohibits anyone to use the material in any way (this includes; selling, giving away, use in email, use on a homepage, etc.) without my explicit, prior, written permission.