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Muse - The Unsustainable Tour - Amsterdam Arena

Last night, me and the misses, went to the Amsterdam Arena to see Muse. The show was greater than great. A lot of new songs from their latest album 'The 2nd Law', and several oldies. They started around 20:30, and they wrapped things up around 23:00. 2.5 hours of musical happiness and an excellent show. Even our prime-minister Mark Rutte made an appearance on video (along with Frau Merkel of Germany).

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Beth Hart Showcase @ Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

Autographed CDMy gf won two tickets for the showcase for Beth Hart's new CD 'My California' for last Friday. I didn't quite know what to expect. I did know some of her older songs, and that's about it.

Since it was a showcase for her new CD, she didn't play much 'oldies'. Not that I cared, since her new album contains more than enough excellent material.

Below, one of her new songs 'Sister Heroine'.

Recorded with a Panasonic Lumix LX3

More photos from the showcase are available on my flickr page.

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iTunes 8. Now With a Piece of 'Genius'

Some of you might have noticed that Apple introduced a new and improved iPod Nano, and some other iPod hardware. Apart from the hardware, they also released iTunes 8.

No subscription model for the music, but (apart from some other improvements) they added a Genius function. The Genius analyzes your music library, and makes suggestions on the music your playing. Cool feature since it finds/suggests songs with the same mood, but there's room for improvement.

Genius Playlist?? Genius Playlist??The following screenshot shows a overview of the 'Forty Licks' album of the Rolling Stones. As you might notice, the Genius in iTunes recommend that I seem to miss. I can buy these songs on the right. Notice the missing songs and the ones I marked in yellow.... Okay, one of them is spelled wrong (Jumping instead of Jumpin'), but the others are correctly spelled.

Even a Genius Makes a Mistake Even a Genius Makes a MistakeThis doesn't only occur on the album of the Stones. It occurs on almost every album/song I play.

Is Apple trying to earn an extra buck? Or is there a vacancy for a real Genius? Anyway, I'd love to have this feature on my iPod.

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Mazzy Star

Last week, I watched a new episode of House M.D. It was an episode in which a patient dies (which doesn't happen a lot in House). In the final scene there was an awesome piece of music by Mazzy Star called 'Into Dust'. Yet another band with a great sound for my iTunes library. Too bad that their latest album is a over a decade old....
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