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The Problems with Apple OS X (10.6.4) Server

It has finally been done. I've switched off the old Windows 2003 server at home and officially replaced it with an Apple Mac mini server. For now... And with 'for now' I really mean for now. It turns out that Apple OS X Server doesn't resemble its client counterpart at all. Where the client is stable and intuitive, the server edition lacks both.

I'll try to explain why I think there's lots of room for improvement. Mainly stuff I ran into while configuring the server/services.
Since the Windows fulfilled several functions, I needed these functions to be available on the OS X server as well. These were;

  • Networking services like DNS and DHCP
  • Webserver
  • Mailserver
  • MySQL Database
  • SSH Server
  • File sharing on the internal network
  • Public Key Infrastructure for issuing certificates
  • Download station

Evaluating these functions, one would think that this shouldn't be a problem. Well it actually is.... At least some of those features.

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Deleting Locked Files in OSX

During the migration of the data on my dad's (*cough*) Windows computer to his new iMac, we ran into lot's of locked files. Usually you get the information on a specific file (⌘ + i) and deselect the 'Locked' option in the 'General' part. It's basically impossible to remove all the locks by hand, so I needed a quicker way to remove these locks.

It seems that there's a command available in Terminal to do this. The following command removed the Locks from all the files in the current directory AND all the sub-directories.

chflags -R nouchg *

More info on the chflags command can be found in the Terminal by typing man chflags, or by visiting this page.

The cause of the locked files in my case was that we copied the data from a read-only network share (to prevent that information might get lost in copy/move actions during the migration). Reading from read-only media results in locked files (or so it seems).

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Full Disk Encryption for the Mac

Checkpoint acquired a company called PointSec a while ago. This company made full hard disk encryption software for Windows. Now, Checkpoint has released a hard disk encryption version for the Mac. I guess they are taking OSX seriously.

Disk encryption is available today for the Mac (TrueCrypt, PGP), but these aren't able to encrypt the boot partition. Only partitions are by the use of containers. This type of software was available to Windows only primarily.

Now that the 'trick' has been done, I guess more will follow.

I do wonder if it's still possible to use SuperDuper for cloning a bootdisk....

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Apple Mac Tablet

After a couple of  Microsoft posts, a new Apple related post. According to MacRumors, we may get a Tablet Mac in 2007. Rumors or not, this would be very nice to have. That, and a Mac Pro, Mac Mini, etc. :). Well, I guess that my tax refunds for 2006 are already spoken for :). It's could become an expensive Apple year for me. iMac or a Mac Pro as the substitute for my Windows PC. Replacing my Windows based server for a Mac Mini, new iPod with touchscreen and bigger display (rumor), a Apple iPhone (rumor), and now a Apple Mac Tablet (another rumor). I almost forgot the new announced iTV thing that they showed a couple of weeks ago...... Oh man, so many new Apple wannahaves, and so 'little' money.
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iSync / .Mac alternative

Since the combination of iSync (for synching stuff on your Mac) and .Mac is expensive, and the performance is poor (slow network, limited space), I was looking for an alternative. A while ago (during my PowerBook days) I found a webpage describing a modification of the Apache webserver on FreeBSD Linux. This combo made it possible to simulate the .Mac servers. Therefore, making it possible to 'run' .Mac on your own Linux server. The main drawback is that I don't have the knowledge, or resources to run a proper linux server. So that was a 'no-go'. After that disappointment I didn't bother to look any further. I didn't use any syncing stuff and just made regular backups, untill I listened to a PodCast from the MacObserver. They mentioned the problem again, and it made me start looking for an answer again. I ran into a program called SyncUpX, which supports syncing to WebDav (which uses iSync as well), and lots of other media (network, local disks, etc.). The fun part of this was that I ran a bit later into an advert for SyncUpX on So it seems that they had the answer right under their noses :)
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The reasons for not switching to the Mac platform completely are gaming for my regular PC, and some typical Windows software that I use on my server. I use NewsLeecher on my server to download linux distro's and other stuff ;) from the Internet. There is no (Mac) application that comes even near it in terms of usability etc. The last couple of days I heard, and read some good reviews about CrossOver. This application emulates (or whatever you call it) a Windows environment for that single application. So no virtual machines etc, where you need to install windows first, and then the application in that Windows OS. When installing the application in (or with) CrossOver it looks like the Windows application is actually running on OSX. So it was time for an experiment.... I needed to check if NewsLeecher would run in CrossOver (note: NewsLeecher has not been tested according to the compatibility database on their website). The installation process of newsleecher was quite simple. You get all the same screens etc. After the installation I tried to launch NewsLeecher, and the application crashed with an error stating that "gdiplus.dll" was corrupt or missing. After adding this DLL (copied it from a Windows machine), NewsLeecher started :), BUT crashed a bit later on a OLE error :(. Next thing was to copy all OLE related DLL's from my Windows\system32 directory to my Mac. After this the application actually ran (it started with a warning). I could add newsservers, and subscribe to newsgroups. The only downside was that SuperSearch wouldn't work, and downloading news articles crashed the application :(. Eventhough NewsLeecher wouldn't run without crashing, the CrossOver application itself is wonderful. It supports most of the normal Microsoft applications like Office etc., and lot's of other apps. I guess it's just a matter of time before (almost) every application for Windows can run on a (Intel) Mac. This also means that I need to save me some money to buy me a new server (Mac Mini) first, and after that a new workstation (iMac 24", or a Mac Pro).
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