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The 4K Video Enabler

Differences in resolution

The biggest thing during The Consumers Electronics Show in Vegas (CES) was the 4K televisions. 4K is a reference to the resolution. Current TV's (LCD/LED/OLED/Plasma) usually have a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels (1080p). The 4K versions have 4 times the resolution. Capable of displaying UltraHD content at an affordable price. These TV's sell for $1000 - $2000.

NaughtyAmerica offers 4K downloads

All very nice, but the average Joe has no real access to 4K content. Sure, there are some videos on YouTube in 4K, but most of the time it's just plain old 1080p (if you're lucky). The current HD media (BluRay) isn't officially certified for 4k content, so the only alternative at the moment is downloadable content. Guess which industry is on top of things? (pun intended).

As with almost everything in the past (VHS / Internet / DVD), the porn industry is one of the first to embrace the new technology. Now all we need is fiber to the home with a minimum of 100Mbps to enjoy the new format.

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TV Season Has Started

It was a (relative) cold and wet summer here in the Netherlands. Chances are that autumn and winter will be equally depressing. Thankfully, my favorite TV series have started in the US, so not everything is bad. Both House M.D., and Stargate Atlantis started this week. House was great (as usual), and Stargate.... well they ended last season with a 'to be continued', and they started with a 'to be continued' episode :-( .
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Incomplete TV Shows

Not every TV serie will be successful. So it's possible that some series won't be continued on TV. If this happens, most of the time they have some sort of scenario to end the show. Star Trek Enterprise was one of those shows. The show was killed, and they had 4 (or 5) episodes to end it. Not my cup of tea, but the show ended somewhat decent. Lately, the dutch TV stations are buying new TV shows from the US. These shows are pretty new (Heroes, Day Break, Traveler, etc.), so finally we don;t have to wait 5 years to watch a new show. But there's a catch. Almost every new show was killed prematurely in the States. So the result is a TV show with a crappy ending. [spoiler] Traveler has 8 episodes, and ends in the middle of the action, with a ton of unanswered questions (who was the black bellboy, What happens to the main character's girlfriend?, etc.). At least ended Day Break a bit decent..... [/spoiler]
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